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LARVA (2005) (TV)

Directed By:
Tim Cox

Vincent Ventresca, Rachel Hunter and William Forsythe

Rated R
Genre: Science Fiction
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content


A new test feed that will make bigger cows for bigger stakes is being tested in a small town. But there is a side effect to the new feed, it also mutates the cow's stomach parasites.

Now these larva monsters are roaming around town and popping out of stomachs of anyone unlucky enough to eat the test stakes at the company cook out.

Local Vet Dr. Eli Rudkus is out to expose the truth but the company will do anything to cover this up and sweep him and the truth under the rug.


Although the characters were well written and they had fun. What they wanted is another "MAD COW" scare and I'm not sure how true the MAD COW thing was or how much was hyped up by rating grabbing TV news. Anyway, let's see what else is wrong with this. Why did the parasites live though the cooking process? Also, I would assume that healthy cattle would have parasites. I might be wrong on that. Also, where the FDA during this? As far as I know the FDA has to test all new hormones and drugs before they would even dream of allowing human testing, so where was the FDA, and why didn't Dr. Eli Rudkus call them on the matter. Finally, allot of stupid little things that didn't make sense, one, the husband called his wife at home on her cell phone. Big company owner can't afford a house line? Two, after removing her bra a creature pops out of her boyfriend's stomach, so in a mad panic, she puts her bra back on. I'm sorry, who bothers to dress in a screaming mad panic? But there is some clever writing and a good cast. There are some good stuff in this movie, but it's hard to see under all the cow pies. I give it 4 STARS



I agree with Zedd, but he forgot something majorly wrong about this movie. The Anti-Meat message was very apparent. The fully cooked meat was still full of parasites. Besides, stomach parasites normally stay in the stomach, never heard of tapeworm going for a trip anywhere he wanted. I also agree that with modern medicines and refrigiration meat is safe to eat, even raw. This MAD COW was hype driven by vegeterians and vegans that should leave us the f*** alone. I assume that this steam pile of cow s*** was written by a vegan. Don't listen, it's all BS and none of it's true. I give this crapper THE NOOSE!



+ CAST (The cast did the best they could with what they had to work with.)
+ CREATURE EFFECTS (The grown parasites were cool.)


- HEALTHY COWS WITH PARASITES (Why would healthy cows have parasites?)
- NO FDA (Someone should tell them the FDA has say on animal hormones.)
- LET ME GET DRESSED (In a mad paniac a girl puts her clothes on before running for her life from a hideous monsters, yeah right!)
- WHY CELL PHONE (Didn't they have a house line?)
- STOMACH PARASITES (Voltron assume Stomach Parasites should stay in the stomach.)
- MAD COW (I wonder how much of the MAD COW scare is real and how much is bull****.)


- ANTI-MEAT (The vegan that wrote this don't understand, parasites don't survive being frozen and cooked. Even if they had parasites but why would they if the farmer took good care of them?)




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